Wednesday, May 09, 2007

'Soooooo, this is where the tragic happens'

Ok, so the title has absolutely nothing to do with what I am writing, but i just heard it whilst watching Ugly Betty and thought it was FU**ING Hilarious!!!!!
I think I am pretty good at putting on a brave face and pretending that everything is ok, but you know sometimes... my god!!!! It is so difficult! I know I am to be thankful for a lot. But sometimes I want to throw a massive 'It's not fair, I'm a spoilt brat laying on the floor kicking and screaming' tantrum! Huge Hissy fit. Probably even add a few tears for good measure!

Picture from Acclaim
As some of you mat already know, my life has somewhat of a soap opera outline. You literally could read about it in some weekly magazine. I am trying very hard, given the circumstances to constantly do the right thing, make sure everyone else is happy, and try to ignor the feelings I have inside desperately trying to expolde out of every available pore!!!

Sometimes I feel as though there is a huge silver lining, but when I look closer, it is all cracked, scratched and would give you that nasty green tinge should you try to wear it as an accessory. Constant false hope, disguised by friendship, ignored and hidden under trying to keep a happy environment.
I am bursting with not knowing the right thing to do!! I know what I should do, but shoulds and wants, are very different things. Sometimes our hearts do rule our heads.
I hope mine finally gives up......soon!!!!!

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