Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dust? Dust? Anyone...Dust?

Fatties, listen up.

Now, that is a pretty harsh opening line. I will also begin by saying I am not the slimmest of people. However, I have an excuse, I had a baby! ( Although by 6 months, I will definately have no excuse to have it all shifted!!)

I was shopping with my Mum last week, when all that surrounded us, as far as the eye can see, was fat people. Im not talking a little bit of extra weight here. Im talking about legs chaffing, 4 bellies, no neck, need a wheelchair because they cant take their own weight kind of fat.

What the hell is happening? You would think with all of these image obsessed celebrities filling our tabloids, and the huge (or not so) debate of the infamous (and ridiculous) size zero you would think that we as a nation could just say no.
As a child, I distinctly remember my parents saying that to me. A LOT!
No, to new shoes.

No, to new clothes.

No to the shcool trip.

So where along the line did we forget how to say no. I dont want a second helping thanks. Im full.

Instead we keep going.

Guilty pleasures.

I blame comfort eating. But even in my size 12, I still know it time to do something about the excess poundage.

Surely we must all get to the point when enough is enough.... maybe not.


Marnie said...

Ha! America comes to the UK!!!

LOVE the new look, by the way. I'm jealous -- Marnie's World will be following suit soon, I'm sure!

Flicstix said...

cheers me dears!! you are too right!!! (in more ways than one!)