Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Hills

Like, I Love, Love, Like really like Love The Hills on MTV.

Not too sure if you have seen it, but it is a spin off from 'Laguna Beach- the real OC'. It Is so funny to watch these kids, living the life in LA. The drama is so funny and the smalles of issues is always blown up to be a major event.

The best though, is having a conversation on this programme, takes about 15.7 years longer than it actually needs to. I mean, if they didnt always put in the word 'like' like every other word, then they would get it all out a lot quicker!! Im a girl who likes to get in, get it done, get out!!! Also, everything is spoken as if it is a question... the end of the sentence always seems to end in a higher tone than it started. So so funny!!

Anyway, you should check out this episode.....has lots of great examples of the above, and even a bit of a girly bitch fight!!!
Just good, mindless tv!!

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