Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ok so, after what feels like forever trying to get the stupid MySpace site to work, I have finally manged to log back in! In the meantime, I crossed over to the dark side and went to check out Facebook. I have to be honest, I was pretty impressed, really easy to use and set up, and.. I have got back in touch with tons of the old school, Norf Leam massive ;o)

After checking out all of thier pics and having little chats with them, I kinda sat back and evaluated what I have done. Yeah I have had some awesome jobs, seem some amazing places, have some of the best friends I could dream for and an amazing Son, but, for some reason I feel unfulfilled.

I know I wanted to travel more, party a lot more and be considerably more stable before bringing a child into the world, but sometimes life just throws you a curve ball. I am a huge believer in fate, everything happens for a reason and all that, but just sometimes, a little heads up would be nice.

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