Thursday, October 13, 2005

New Boy Update

So TNB started with us 2 weeks ago. Initial impressions were excellent, he seemed keen, confident and like he was really going to be able to make a difference.


He absolutely hates the job, is bored stiff and has already started applying for a new job.

Well, that lasted a long time!!!
I think he is a really nice guy, and it is a shame it has not worked out for him, but I cant actually say I am surprised!
I have to be honest, I very much doubt I will be there for too much longer.
I just feel like I am totally wasted in this job and am so bored every day, it is awful! Potentially, the money is awesome, but realistically, it is, well, basically bollox.
I spend my day speaking to techy geeks, blagging my way through stuff I dont have a clue about, and trying not to die at my desk!!

Well, we shall see how things turn out, but I have a funny feeling I am about to be totally shafted. Workwise you understand.

My boss and I had a bit of a discussion, and it has resulted in me having my probation period extended for on emore month. Basically, what he is saying is that if I dont do another deal in the next month, it enables him to just sack me on the spot, and take all of the commission I am owed, as this time will run out before pay day!!!!

As I do not have a contract, also his doing, I have absolutely no leg to stand on, and not just that, I dont think I want to work for someone who can do that to people! I will not give up without a fight if things do not quite go to plan, There is absolutely no way I am walking out of there without a nice big cheque with all of the money that is owed to me!!

Strong words for this time on a Thursday night, but, well, really!!!

This shortass man, has most defiately picked the wrong person to try and screw over!!!

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