Thursday, October 13, 2005

Poor Schnarf

There is nothing better than having a strong, throbbing beast speeding between your thighs. Until, you end up smack bang into the back of a stopped car.

The boyf, his brother and our good friend Stefan, all have motorbikes. Stef rode his home from work yesterday and unfortunately had a bit of an accident. Some car was trying to be polite and give way to another vehicle, but, sadly for Stef, who perhaps was not paying as much attention, he did not see that the car in fromnt of him had stopped and he ended up going right into the back of the car.
It seems his bike is written off, but he is un-hurt, which is the most important thing.

I think the car in front did brake a little too hard, not realising that there was a motor bike behind them, whichsadly is quite often the case.

This leads me on to another point - bike exhausts...
The law states you must not have an exhaust that is offensively loud, well, for pure safety reasons, I think THE LOUDER THE BETTER!!!

If you can hear them coming, you are more aware that the bikers are there, and therefore, the chances of them being hit, would hopefully be less.

Please, if and when you are driving around, pay attention to what is going on around you, and especially to those on the unprotected two wheeled variety.

Just as another point BTW, I think the 3 week holiday Stefan now has in South Africa, will aid his recovery no end...

Happy Surfing Dude!!

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