Monday, October 10, 2005


Katie *fuckwit* Holmes, is listening to her miniscule partner, and apparently following the advice of his 'scientology' cult religion, which states, that during childbirth, the mother is not allowed to make ANY noise AT ALL, for fear of harming the baby and scarring it for life. Oh, and no drugs either! Ok, first of all, shut the fuck up short man! Second of all.... if he was pushing something the size of a melon out of the end of his cock, I am sure we would hear a few complaints...if not blood curdling screams!!!

So, women have been giving birth for thousands of years, otherwise, I would not be sat here writing this, and who ever is out there, who bothers to browse, would not be sat there reading it! If a girl need to scream whilst pushing out her newborn, for gods sake, let her get on with it! It is THE most excrutiating experience of anyones life, but the pain is soon forgotten with the first cuddle (in the wise words of my Nan), and so far, there is absolutely no proof that it harms the baby at all!
As far as I know, every one sees to be ok, and not nervously jumping under their desks/beds/douvets at the slightest sharp or loud sound!

So Katie, forget what short ass says, stop bing a fuckwit, get drugged up and scream your little heart out! You will damn well deserve to!

For more on this ridiculous story, if you can bear to read it, click here.

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