Monday, November 07, 2005

Spank Me!

Ok, I am really bad! I have not written in for a while now - feeling very bad!! :o)
Of course, I am sure no one really misses it, but, well, I do!
Ok lots and lots to catch up on, need to fill you all in on my birthday, events of the week, and of course, fireworks night!
Or, as the boyf called it - 'Terrorist celebration day!' hmmm - yes - he did get a slap!

I will be writing in later on tonight - and providing pictures of my friends as requested by a certain someone - so he can perv over them - after the interesting tasks of gym, food shopping and ironing are complete, so I am sure you will all wait with baited breath!!

In the mean time - I will leave you with this hilarious link - for those of you who can waste time at work!!

Speak to you tonight!!

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