Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Ok, so initially, I was always a little scepticle of the wonderous place that is eBay. However, like most of the worlds population, I have succumbed, and am a frequent browser and seller.
I often pride myself on the accuracy and honesty of my descriptions, so, I am generally quite pissed when I buy items, and the are sent to me in totally sub-standard condition.
For example, I bought a gorgeous silver handbag, (is nicer than it sounds) which was advertised as 'Brand New'. RIIIIGHT! When I get it, it had marks all over the side of it, a half eaten packet of gum, and a multitude of crumbs and various other remnants in the bottom of it. Needless to say, I was a little cross, so I am in the process of returning it - after it took more than 2 weeks to get to me! :o/
Secondly, I bought some boots from one of those online shops on eBay, the ho was awful at responding, took ages to send the damn things, then, when I excitedly tore open the packaging (which BTW - you needed to have an Oxford/Cambridge education to work out how to get in!!) I tried to put the boots on, and I couldnt even up them up over my ankles!!! I thought to myself, I have just been shoe shopping this weekend, my legs have not ballooned in 48 hours!!! - So I started to look at labels, the box, everything..all said UK size 5. HMMMM, as a last resort I handed them over to one of my colleagues and she had a look, inside, in the faintest gold print EVER, it had printed - UK size 3!!! WWWHHHUUUUUULLLLLL!!!!

See, aren't they pretty!!!

Anyway, I got right on to the seller, who then was sooo rude, and was all like "so I didn't actually send you the wrong size, the distributors put them in the wrong box!"

Er...WTF ho bag?? You sent them, to me, the wrong size, therefore, you sent the wrong size, dumbass!!!!

Anyway, all items are being refunded, and I left the suitable feedback.

So moral of the story - er..... well, I guess, just dont deal with these sellers again!!!


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