Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I am poor!

Working my fingers to the bone 12 hours a day clearly isnt enough to keep me in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed! I therefore, have got myself a second job.
In a lot of ways I am really quite pleased! The nights I dont go to the gym, I am now working in a pub, rather than drinking in one or vegging in front of the TV, so I feel as though I am being considerably more productive, and of course the extra chashish every month will help!
So I went on down there last night to meet the landlady and some of the yocals, and to be honest, they all seemed like a pretty nice bunch! I am working my first full shift tonight, which I am quite nervous about as it is quiz night, and will probably be quite busy. not that I mind that, I just dont want to look like a plum when I am standing for ages searching for the right button to press on the till!
So, Tuesdays, quiz night, Wednesdays, Jazz night and some point over the weekend they have a live band too - so all in all, it should be quite an entertaining place to be.

Hopefully it will all work out fine - although I did have a random dream last night about smashing funny shaped glasses etc.... no cheese before bed for me!!

Any way - will let you know if I am a disaster or not - I mean it is not like I have never done it before, how hard can it be....famous last words???

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