Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bored Bored Bored!

Hmmmmm, sooo, s'up?

I am very bored at work right now, so thought I would pass a little time a write a bit of bollox....

So, at the weekend, I tried to keep to my promise of updating my blog (Or bloggy blog blog as the boyf seems to have re-named it) with various pictures etc of nights out I have been on recently. After I spent ages trawling through the ones I have, trying to find some that I didn't look too hideously drunk in - although they are the ones I am sure you would much rather see - I started the long and thankless task of uploading them. So, with dial up at home - (I KNOW!) it was taking sooooo damn long that I almost killed myself! That damn egg timer! The system was stuck saying 99% complete for about 15 minutes!!
4 Ferrero Rocher later...it still had not uploaded 1 picture, and I had about 10 I wanted to post, so I resorted to saving it to a disk to bring into work and do it here. Great plan, apart from the fact I keep forgetting the sodding disk!!

Damn my tiny brain!!!


Marnie said...

Ha... I'm sure I've got some for that collection. :-)

Flicstix said...