Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hmmmm, dum de da

I am sooo struggling to concentrate today! My mind is wondering all over the place, and I find myself helplessly drawn to uselss sites, like MSN celebrity gossip, and stuffing my face with malteasers. NOT GOOD WHEN I NEED TO LOSE 100 POUNDS!

So, I am very excited about a trip I have planned with my bestest frind, Lorna. We are off very soon to the delights of Budapest, where the beer is 60p, the markets are a plenty and well...it is also full of strip clubs, but I think we will mostly be avoiding those!

so, am so bored at work today, can not face actualy trying to be productive, and am really willing for 5.30 to come around!! And today, I will be leaving on time - the gym awaits!

Things are going really well with the boyf and I, which is great. We just both seem to be shattered all of the time at the moment. i think it is because we didn't get a holiday, but I can't really complain. (Well, I can, but it falls on deaf ears!)

the boyf gets his TVR back this week. He is like a small child waiting for Christmas at the moment. Bless him!

For those of you who dont know what a TVR is... see below.

So, anyway, my boredom!

The new boy started..I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I would keep you informed on how he is getting...so far so good.
I think he is still pretty jet-lagged as he went to Mexico last week, but also, I think it is extra lame points on his chart. Oh, and he still has a cold.... :o/
Overall though, nice guy, knows his stuff and I think we will get on fine. So should be cool...now, if only my boss wasn't a geek!

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