Friday, September 09, 2005

Work Night Out

Last night, we went on a work night out to welcome 'the new boy'(and also to pat me on the back for a huge deal I had done - anywho...). There was one key element to the evening missing, 'The New Boy'. The guy hasnt even started with us yet and he called in sick! He did sound terrible on the phone, but still, I would have to be nearly dying to let me new work people down on a night out... I just dont think it creates the best first impression.
And not just that, poor guy is already getting a roasting, we have been taking the piss out of him all morning about how lame he is and that he might be a bit of a woofter! He isn't even here to defend himself - so God only knows how much stick he will get when he is here!

I will let you know how that goes!

Anyway - the meal was nice, Mexican, I had a lovely swordfish steak, and shared a few nibbles with other people. I was VERY good, and literally only ate my meat, no chips or onion rings or nachos.... I have lost half a stone so far, and want to shift at least another half - so being very strict!! (Apart from the beers and cocktails - but they dont count!! ;o))
So the conversation was cool, we had quite a giggle and it was actually quite nice to socialise with work dudes - bit of team building! (LAMO!)

So I got home afterwards, to find 9 men in my house! NICE!!! The Boyf had some of his friends over for one of their Poker evenings. Unfortunately he didnt win, but ADAM, a really great guy did, and he totally deserved to win! £220 - not bad for an evenings work!

Boyf is always trying to get me to join in on this lads night - which I am sure none of the boys would mind - but I have a feeling the only reason he asks me is because he is very confident I will win! I am a bit of a dab hand if I do say so myself!
I would never have got away with half of the things I have done without some sort of poker face....
But that, is a whole other story!!

Well had better get on with some work now - or at least look as though I am doing something!

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