Friday, September 09, 2005


I have the BEST weekend planned! Well, not the entire weekend, mainly tonight. I am going back home for the weekend to see some of my old school chums that I havent seen for ages - I mean, 6 years!! WOW!!
Now, I am sure they will be forgiving of the fact, that, well, I have put on a little weight and appreciate that I am all grown up now! Up for a laugh and definately to catch up!
I am so excited to see them, I could barely sleep last night - I hope I am not disappointed...I am sure I wont be!
Also joining us tonight in what undoubtedly will be drunken debouchery, is my oldest friend Kirsty. Her and I have been friend since I was 6, and we dont get to see each other all that much. She is a dead ringer for Sandra Bullock! HONEST! I will get some pictures and let you all see on Monday.

So that should be cool. Nice restaurant, few beers, bit of a boogy, then out to lunch tomorrow. Woohoo!

The boyf is away in Belgium tonight so I dont need to rush back tomorrow for anything. We have made plans to have an 'US' day on Sunday. It is really funny how you can live with someone, but never see them. Like, even in the evening, after we have finished doing all the work on the house, or the odd jobs or whatever, we can sit together and not say a word. Spend time together, but not quality time. So, we both are feeling like we need to make a bit of time for each other.. which will be really lovely!
We might even go down to Brick Lane, they have a massive festivle on this weekend, so that could be fun, or there is a circus on just down the road from where we live, so could even go there!

The world is our oyster!!

I will report in on Monday though - let you know how it all went!!


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