Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Shock to the system - coming up!

So, all of you who know me, know how much of a meat lover I am! (no crude jokes please!!) So, it may come as something of a shock when I announce the following....


Well, that is not entirely true, I would still eat fish, and probably chicken but avoid all dark meats.
I have been doing quite a bit of reading, and the body finds it so hard to digest the dark meats and it just totally bloats your stomach, so white meat must be the way forward. Anyway, I have found loads of yummy sounding vegetarian dishes recently, so it cant be all that bad!

I think I am going to start a months trial and see how that goes. I am sure I wont miss it all that much!

Hmm, this will be when we find out that I have fangs and warewolf like tendancies...

We shall see.. I will keep you posted!

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Marnie said...

WOO HOO!!!! And can I stop commenting and get my ass to work? Thanks.