Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last night, my boyfriend called me fat!

I really should not have to write anything other than what is in the title, butI feel I need to elaborate somewhat on the horric events of a VERY short conversation, which then turned into a VERY long evening!

So, I have just come back from the gym, have done some of the housework and am preparring dinner. The boyf has been at football, showered and is now pottering around the house. (just to set the scene) Ok, so as I am preparring a very healthy chicken dish for us both (the vegetarianism hasnt started yet) he turns to me and says, "You know, I think you and I are about the same amount overweight"..... (i.e 3 stone ish) (which I am not!)

I KNOW!!!!!

While that little bombshell is ringing in my ears, and the next few seconds seem to be in slow motion, it takes EVERYTHING I have to not launch into a torrade of foul mouthed obscenities directly at him!! I calmy just carried on with what I was doing, finished doing dinner, while not even making any sort of eye contact with him for fear of bursting into tears, and go and pick at my food.
This was the pattern for the rest of the evening. No speaking to him, totally ignoring his attempts at conversation, or simply acknowledging him with a grunt.
After quite a short time of this, he mumbles "sorry" at me, and said that he simply didn't think before he opened his mouth, well, I retored with "that makes a change" and just left it at that.

When were were in bed, he looks as though he is trying to get a little frisky..let me tell you now...he has more chance of plaiting fog!!!!
He is hugging me loads and telling me he loves me, which I know he does, but I cant help but think he is mainly saying it because he feels really bad!


Why is it, that men feel it is ok to comment on womens weight, but we, NEVER mention when they notice their spouse has put on a few pounds. To me he is still my boyf, and I love him regardless of what size he is, but, as I am not the same size as when we met, this is totally more unacceptable!!!


Oh well, I am sure it probably was just a thoughtless comment, and it didnt mean anything awful at all, but as I am a woman, I reserve the right to totally analyse and disect every part of it, until I reach the 'SOD HIM' stage!

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