Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Actress/Party girl Sienna Miller pulled out of her play as she faced up to the heartbreak of finding out fiancé Jude Law had cheated on her with his childrens Nanny.

On Monday night, a day after revelations of the affair emerged, the 23-year-old decided the show must go on, only to leave the stage at curtain down crying because it seemedly got all too much for her.

She turned up at Wyndham's Theatre in London's West End without her diamond engagement ring. Hopefully after throwing it right back in the face of cheating (but gorgeous) Jude Law!
An understudy stood in for her the night after as she reportedly spent the day pondering her future with Law.
If you were this understudy, you would still be pretty gutted - I mean, Sienna isn't in the show, but still overshadowing the press! I guess it goes to show - any press is good press!

It seems that Jude admitted to the affair with his nanny just 3 months after he had proposed to Sienna, this was around the same sort of time as her partying and drunkeness at a variety of London awards ceremonies.
It has been reported that the nanny, (whom I shant name as the gloryfied ho-bag deserves no credit for being a home wrecker!) seduced Jude while she was looking after his children in New Orleans. I think this is the point where Sadie Frost needs to be stepping in, honestly, would you want such character around your children or family! Great example to set the kids...'sleep with a celeb, then sell your story to a low budget rubbish tabloid!!'

It just goes to show - men are the weaker sex. It is offered on a plate - and the gobble it all up! He may well be sorry now - but only since he has been caught!
He may well also be one of the sexiest men on the planet - but that doesnt make him any less of a dog!

Let sjust hope the beautiful Sienna, and her party girl ways recover from this! She is only 23, and lets be honest - she got it goin' on!!
Excellent fashion sense, the body to die for and lots of hunky famous frinds to help her through - watch this space!!!

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