Monday, June 02, 2008

Well, hello!!!

It has been a while...I seem to start every post off with this...I have been somewhat out of the loop recently. But I have a resolution with myself, to make this my venting place!
So sorry for anyone who might read prepared! haha!!

So, as I said it has been a really long time since I wrote on here, and so much has happened.
Firstly and most importantly, my boy.

He is amazing, such an awesome character now! So funny and a great little buddy to have around. He was a page boy this weekend at one of my best friends weddings - it was amazing!!!

Huge congratulations to Sally and the GUFF-ROOOOY - and also thank you for such a fantastic day!! Enjoy the honeymoon!!
Olly looked so cute in his suit, and was so well behaved! I was a proud mummge! Photos will follow once I sort my life out :o)

I have also been away snowboarding with the girls, that was so much fun, and a fab weekend get-away!
This was me, after having had a go on Shelley's skis (hence the boots!)....I will be sticking to boarding!!

We are definitely going back to Chamonix next year, although probably for a week this time!

Chamonix - brace yourself!!

One of the most exciting things going on at the moment - I am moving house . Those who know me will probably groan and say I do that a lot, but I don't actually. I am moving to a newly re-furbished house in Hazlemere, and I cant wait.
Not particularly child friendly with the choice of decor, however...I figure I just wrap plastic over everything and see what happens!

So, I will update again very very soon, i just though I would check in!!


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