Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is it just me??

See... I am not too sure if it is just me, but I cant seem to get this little gripe out of my head. I cant help but feel a bit of a hypocrite?
I always said that I never wanted to be a single parent, or I didn't know how people could do it. There seems to be some sort of social stigma attached to being a single parent, and I openly hold my hands up and admit I am as guilty of pre-judging as the next person. Now, all of this may well be in my head, but since I found myself in this situation, I constantly feel the need to justify or explain.
Admittedly I'm not the 16 year old, no house, no money, no support, no father for baby type we constantly hear about but still...I feel as alone and scared as I am sure she might do.

Tbrings me to my next point. Im 24, ( Iknow, i look so young...cough). The thought that I am a parent, absolutely, terrifies me. (and im sure it scares the hell out of people who know me too!!:o)) So, I can only imagine how these young girls feel. No matter what they say, they are not ready to be parents. They are only children themselves.

Im not too sure where Im going with this, but all I guess I wanted to say was, this parenting lark is not easy, even if you have the support of a partner. So I know it doesn't help to have the judgemental stares from passers by, or comments from so-called friends.


Moan over.

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Marnie said...

It also doesn't helped to be chucked from the pub because your 4 week old is underage.