Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Long Time Coming!

So, I have not updated since the 22nd of November... OOOPS!!!
Not that there are too many people who are particularly bothered by this I am sure, but well, WTF, I am going to ramble on for a bit anyway!

Hmmm, what has happened this past few weeks..... Well, Budapest.
What can I say? It was awesome! Lorna and I had such a great time. We walked absolutely miles, which inturn required me to purchase some new shoes, (that was the only reason I bought them... honest!) saw some beautiful sights, and generally got drunk and had fun!

On our first night we bumped into a group of about 12 guys who were over there from London, so naturally, we tagged along with them. I dont think Budapest has been the same since!
We found a hungarian Karaoke bar, that was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Hungarians singing along (well, more like howling really) in 'english' to various songs... hilarious! Tim, Olly, Oz and the rest of the guys were shakin' their thang, drinking loads and just being generaly brilliant! It was a great night - pictures will follow!! (Some of you - BeWarned!!!)

The second day was somewhat quieter! We were both so hungover and tired from not getting to sleep until about 5am, that it was a relatively tame one. Few beers bit of (rubbish) food then off to bed for an early night!

We continued with the shopping theme for the entire holiday, visiting the Christmas markets, which btw, were beautiful, and of course, it would have been rude to not go into one or two of the high street boutiques!!

The next few days were a bit of a blur, particularly the final day on the Sunday. We went out to the shops, again, and had pretty much finished everything we wanted to do by about lunchtime. We headed towards a bar we had found on the first day called Pauls pub, for a quick drink and to get out of the rain. 7 hours later we are still there, and pretty hammered at this point! We decided rather than go back to the hotel and glam up, we would stay out and make a night of it. We certainly did that!!
35 Irish men on a stag weekend are a definate ingrediant for a good night out!
Again another very late night, which was perhaps not the best idea when we were flying back to England the next mornig.
Disaster on the last night, as I lost my purse, with all money and credit cards it in (at least is was the last day though I suppose!) and trying to get hold of the Boyf who was in Sri Lanka so he could cancel his card that I had been trusted with, proved pretty impossible!! We also, booked a taxi to take us to the airport the morning of our flight, which we thought was very efficient of us. It started very well, turned up on time, took us with no delays to the airport, so we head on in with our bags... only to find we have been dropped at the wrong airport!!!!
So we have to rush to find another taxi - you would think there would be more at an airport - 6k in the opposite direction to try and make our flight!!!
Once we got to the correct airport, the hangover really started to kick in so we pretty much just monged out until we could get on the plane!
thankfully, Lorna's parents were there at the other end to collect us, and we made it home safe and sound!!!

I will soon put up a picture gallery of various events of the holiday - it is easier to describe it via picture..... just think, drink, dancing, rubbish food, more drink and shopping - that would sum it all up quite nicely!!

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