Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I am so excited!! Tomorrow I am flying off to Budapest for 5 days with one of my bestest friends Lorna!! We booked this in September, and got the deal of the century! £100 each includes flights and 3* hotel!! WICKED!!! Of cours, for the past 2 months, we have talked about nothing but our trip, and now, it i the hugely important task of packing a suitcase!! Hmmmmm, What to wear, what to wear? Well as the weater is like this, I think it only sensible, we dress like this:
They have the most amazing Xmas markets on there at the moment, and of course, we have already sussed out the places that do whole days of FREE wine tasting!! It is going to be so cool, 60p a pint, bit of ice skating, (Marnie, I know you are a fan) and of course, the shopping!!!

I think we will have to cope with the fact that the food is pretty much only meat and veg or deep fried meat and veg, but I am sure with a few beers it will all taste great!

So, basically, after today, this post will not be updated, but I will have some stories to tell once I get back, I am sure!!!


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