Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lohan in Car Accident

Poor Lyndsay Lohan has been caught out in a car accident whilst driving her Benz with a friend. Apparantly, she was trying to avoid being photographed by the paps and ended up colliding with a big van, which in turn, smashed into a parked car. Apparantly her and her friend only suffered minor injuries, and the van driver, moderate.

Lets hope they all recover very soon!!

My concern is that this is not the first time this has happened to Ms. Lohan, or indeed other celebs. Surely the press must be told, this is not a safe way to get your stories. But I am almost sure, the photographer who caused this mess, got some great pictures, and no doubt a good bonus for their new 'exclusive'.

I understand that when you are a celeb, you sign up for a certain lifestyle, however, I also believe, that EVERYONE is entitled to their own levels of privacy!

Sometimes, a girl just doesn't want her picture taken!

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