Monday, October 24, 2005

I Know, it has been a while, but...

So, I bumped into some really old friends on Friday night whilst slumming it in the Antelope. Bit of a long story to be honest, lets just say 'a couple of QUICK beers on a friday night after work' is never really the case!
Anyway, I was VERY surprised to hear, that they are aware of this blog, although, not altogether surprised - especially as I assume they are frequent visitors to MARNIES WORLD!

Greeted with such things as, "your blog is rubbish!" and "You put yourself down too much!", it somewhat knocked me a little! No longer is this my stupid ramblings page, that no one has a clue about... it is more like my stupid rambling page that lots of people read! Almost like one of those dreams where you walk around in public naked...

If you are reading this, and think it is rubbish, then all comments are welcome, (nice ones would be good too!) although - remember - it is a choice to look one makes you!!

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