Friday, October 28, 2005


Another year older. Well, at least I will be on Sunday! My goodness! 23... doesn't seem like an age that quite suits me...

Anyway, have a weekened filled with festivities planned, out in Marlow with a big group of friends tonight, which will be lots of fun, then London tomorrow, shopping, show then lots of drinkies, and Sunday...humph, dont get me started on that! I was supposed to have a huge family day and see my mum, brothers etc, but they have ALL blown me out! BOO THEM!! Never mind, I will use my backup family - the more reliable Timson side!
The boyfriends family are always great, and they are so easy going and happy to do whatever, so probably go over for a spot of lunch and chill out with them for a while. I will fill you all in next week and let you know what happened/what I got and will try to supply pictures where possible, or appropriate!!


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