Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jessica Simpson - in two minds

All American Girl!

So, I went to see Dukes of Hazard in Sunday night with the Boyf. Of course, we both loved it, the driving scenes were awesome ans there were a lot of funny moments. But with Jonny Knoxville (who rocked) that was always going to happen!
The one part that really has made me think, and well, feel really quite uncomfortable - is ... actually..... all scenes with Jessica Simpson in! Dont get me wrong - she really has got it goin' on, and she has worked really hard to get such an awesome figre, but seriously....

Her acting, was really basic, so it is a good job she was playing a sex siren who just flashed her ass...ets the entire way through the film, otherwise, I very much doubt she would get any kind of good reviews.
Not that I am entirely sure there are any good reviews, especially as there were only about 8 people in the entire Cinema when we went at the weekend!!

So Jess quite often looks the picture of innocence, as displayed below,

but I can quite honestly say, she played the part of street walking ho bag VERY well - which I don't know if it is a good thing or not!
If you ask me - this looks the face of someone who knows they look fab!

Like I said - I do really like her, and I love her Newlyweds show, but...I am confused!!! I know the whole idea of Daisy Duke is that she attracts all of the attention of the men in order to distract away from her cousins, but still.... it was just a bit much I think!

Anyway - go check out the film for yourselves... it is cool for a bit of mindless entertainment.

Pictures courtesy of www.jessicasimpson.com

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