Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Growing Up

Ok, so when you start to grow up, or at least pretend to, your evenings and weekends start to change. Especially when you take the plunge and become a homeowner. You find yourself, considerably more house-proud, WANTING to DIY, mooching aroung home stores. Well, last night was just the same as any other of those 'home owner moments'. I found myslef rushing home from work to meet the boyf, so we could go to Homebase in order to get some compost (to top up the pots and baskets I had made on Sunday evening....don't!) and to change a picture frame we had bought at the weekend. I was almost excited about going there, to have a look at the bits and bobs we spend so much money on trying to 'make a house a home'.
Well the boyf and I are no exception to those of you wanting an easy life. Not into shopping around too much unless we can do it online. Well, we were suckered last night.

We exchanged a picture frame (stop me if I am boring you too much) (Actually, you cant stop me, as I am talking to myself) Anywho.. the picture frame, we exchanged it for a larger size one with a black surround. Now, this frame, almost £20, but flimsey would not even describe it! Plastic 'glass' and a bendy frame!! Hmmm, now for the money, I am sure we would have gotten a better one had we shopped around a little! But, as we were there and we needed it, we just grabbed it and paid! I dont want to sound as though I am really tight, I dont mine paying for quality, and I know £20 isnt a lot of money, but still.... it was a LOT for what we got!

SUCKERS! they must see people like us coming!
(It looks great though, so - WHATEVER!)

Not entirely sure why I went on about that for so long - GOOD GOD, I HAVE TURNED DULL!!!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

I guess it is kind of similar to all of those corporate rip offs the I dispise, but hey, that is another really long, equally dull story!!

I think I might just go and die now...

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