Thursday, September 29, 2005

Give this man what ever award necessary!

I was scrolling through the home page of MSN earlier, when I stumbled across an article written by someone who I can only describe as a genius!
He talks in detail about the issue of speeding, which I have to admit, is a huge worry for all motorists in the UK. But, unfortunately, not for the reasons that may come to mind.
I for one, am constanly looking at my speedo do see if I will be immediately banned for the speed I am travelling, or constantly looking at every bridge on the motorway to see if there is a speed trap waiting up there to zap you with their stpid lazer gun.
I think to be honest, the sort of police who choose to becomb traffic police, are simply the ones who never grew up. It is purely a case of Peter Pan syndrome.
they like playing chase, hide and seek, and pretending they have big powerful guns to shoot you with. These guns now, are of the lazer variet, as apposed to water pistols, and the only power they have, is to give you a minimum £60 fine, 3 points on your licence, and a huge increase in your insurance!!!!
Most cameras are supposed to be put in 'accident black spots', well, this is clearly not the case. They are put anywhere to catch motorists out. There is a camera on the road I live on, which is a main road, but I can honestly say, the entire time I have been living in High Wycombe, there has NEVER been an accident on this part of the road!


Please read this artice, and see the proof behind the fact that speed traps are just a huge money spinning scheme by the government. Not at all for road safety!

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