Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bit of Bush Bashing?

I think for the disgusting way that Bush has dealt with the tragic events caused by hurricane Katrina, he deserves all of the abusive he is VERY likely to receive!
I mean, what is he going to do, write off an entire city?? Well, that is pretty much what he has done! He has not come to rescue anyone, only to beat and arrest those acting in desparation.

the troops that are over there do not care enough to help the stranded and the sick, only to stand around in their uniforms with their guns, with what ever air of authority they thin kthey should command.

On BBC news last night, one of the reporter rescued a man stranded in his house. He wanted to leave with dignity, not in handcuffs as the sherrif proposes, so he boarded the BBC boat. When the reporter approached so called rescue workers, they were not interested. They did not have a clue what to do with the poor man, and simply ignored him.
This man travelled with the reportes ALL DAY before someone finally took him in and dealt with him.
I mean, how could anyone ignor another human being in such dire need!!??
Oh, actually, I can think of some one...

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