Friday, August 26, 2005

Weddings Galore!

So, I have been to like, a bajillion weddings so far this year so far...well, 5 actually, but still that is loads. Now, I love weddings, but really, this year has almost been enough to put me off!!
One of which my boyfriend was the best man for. Of course I played the part of the very proud girlfriend perfectly, even though I really dont like the couple who got married! This particular wedding was done on somewhat of a budget! Like TIGHT ASS budget - although I have to admit, it was still a great day.
The thing that got me, was that my boyf and I took time off work to go down and help set everything up, like everything, the food, the flowers, EVERYTHING, and all we got in way of a thank you, was a generic email with the name changed at the top!! HUMPH!!!!
First of all - RUDE...and well, thats my point really. We really worked out asses of for the whole 4 days, and still drove for 4 hours on the Monday to make sure everything was done and what ever. So, I guess what I am trying say is that I am all for helping and taking part and stuff - but really, dont take the p*£s!!

ANYWAY - the point of this is to say that I went to an AMAZING wedding last weekend! It was so beautiful, and very traditional. The location, the company, the food, everything. It was clearly a no expense spared event, and it was thouroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended. So thanks to HELEN AND JAMES and good luck and best wishes for your many years together!!

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