Friday, August 05, 2005


Ok, so I have been off the boil for a wee while now - sorry!! I have just been soooooo busy at the moment!
I honestly think at times my life is such a soap opera! I am sure one of these days a will discover a camer crew behind my sofa or under my bed! Like that Jim Carey movie - I cant think what it is called now...any who.....
So I decided to go out for a "quiet and cheap" night last Friday with my very good friend Lorna, well lets just say, bottles of champagne, lesbian kisses and falling through the door at 6am - generally does not equate to an early or cheap night!! WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!
To make things worse (or better depending on your perspective) I got dragged to a friends BBQ the following day after just 3 hours sleep! I could have sat in the corner feeling awful, but never one to let the team down (hey Marnie!!) I got right back on it, ended up in the biggest night club in Bucks and didnt get to bed until 7am!!!
I am sure you can picture how totally screwed I was, so getting a lift home in the morning was nothing but funny. I literally scooped myself out of bed, still in my PJ's, wrapped up in the duvet, pillow under my ear, plonked myself in the front of the car and made my boyfriend fit in around me while he was trying to drive - declaring he just 'unload me' when we got home!! BRILLIANT (bless Dave!!)
A blast on the motor bike certainly cleared to cobwebs that afternoon though. we got out and rode at about 110 mph - it was awesome!!

So anyways - thats pretty much me for a while, I am off on holiday next week - when I say off on holiday - I just mean I wont be at work, getting paid to type rubbish to no-one.....hmmmm, this is effectively talking to myself! Excellent, the day has come........ white jacket - check.....ok, just take me away!

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