Wednesday, July 20, 2005


"Lose Weight fast with these great suppliments"

You fall in love when you are hot?

You are dressed well, havin' fun, looking great.....then..... it all goes wrong. You get lazy, or sorry - "cosy", "comfortable" and "contented" - and you turn yourslef into the most huge lard ass in the entire universe!!! THAT ISNT FAIR!!!!!!! You are happy becasue you are loved up, but sad becasue you have something that resembles two planets colliding in a pair of pants as your behind!

Then, as if to rub the salt into the wound, hotmail, constantly send you mails about losing weight, eating well and being a sixe 0!!!!Could they not THANKS!!!
And no matter how much your man still loves you and finds you as hot as the first time you met, that doesnt help but change how you feel inside. I can't help but wonder - Are we all meant to be lard asses??
Answers on a post card please!

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